Expert Janitorial Services in Las Vegas | Customizable Solutions

Expert Janitorial Services in Las Vegas | Customizable Solutions

Professional Janitorial Service

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Our Services

In an increasingly busy world, we know how important maintaining a clean and healthy environment is. This is why we take pride in providing high-quality cleaning services personalized to your facilities' needs.

We offer

  • Flexible scheduling to meet your specific needs including regularly scheduled and one-time cleanings.
  • Deep cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning
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Office Cleaning

Deep and professional cleaning

Office cleaning is an important aspect that is often overlooked. A clean office or facility provides a pleasant and professional environment for employees, customers, and visitors and helps maintain a hygienic workspace.

We offer

  • deep cleaning of surfaces
  • Easy scheduling and flexibility
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Construction Clean-up

Debris Removal

Just finished a remodel, renovation, or construction on your home or business? Congratulations! But now comes the hard work: the post-construction clean-up. If you've ever tried to do it yourself, you know how daunting it can be. Let us make it easy for you: our post-construction cleaning service gives you peace of mind knowing that your property will be thoroughly cleaned and free of debris.

We offer

  • dust and dirt removal
  • deep cleaning of shelves, floors and walls
  • Flexible and customizable cleaning schedules
  • Cleaning with safety in mind
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Warehouse Cleaning

Organization and cleaning

A clean and organized warehouse is essential to maintain efficiency in your operations and ensure your team can work safely and in a healthy environment. Let us make it easy for you: our warehouse cleaning service gives you peace of mind knowing that your storage space will be in top condition.

We offer

  • Cleaning of lobbies, receptions and waiting rooms
  • Regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, and exam tables
  • Cleaning and disinfection of treatment areas, including operating rooms and exam rooms
  • Disinfection of bathrooms and rest areas for staff
  • deep cleaning and disinfection of corridors
  • Safe Disposal and Disposal of Medical Waste
  • Cleaning of medical equipment and devices
  • Window and blind cleaning for increased visibility and natural light
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Healthcare and Medical Facilities Cleaning

Safe cleaning and disinfection

Our medical facility cleaning service is specifically designed to ensure that your medical facilities are clean, safe, and free of contaminants. Our service package includes a wide variety of services to meet all your cleaning and disinfection needs.

We offer

  • Cleaning of facades of buildings and houses to remove dirt, mold, fungus and other contaminants
  • Cleaning sidewalks to remove oil stains, chewing gum and encrusted dirt
  • Wall and ceiling cleaning to remove stains and restore the original appearance of surfaces
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Pressure Washing

the perfect and fast solution

Our pressure washing service is for those looking for a fast and efficient way to clean and renew their surfaces. We offer various pressure washing services to meet all your cleaning needs, from removing dirt and mildew to restoring weather-worn surfaces.

We offer

  • Daily hard floor cleaning, including sweeping, mopping, and spot cleaning
  • Wood floor cleaning and preventative maintenance, including application of sealers and polishes
  • Tile floor maintenance and cleaning, including removing dirt buildup and restoring shine
  • Stone floor cleaning and maintenance, including stain removal and restoration of original appearance
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Hard Floor Maintenance and Cleaning

maintenance and cleaning

Hard floor maintenance and cleaning keep your floors in the best possible condition and increase their lifespan. We offer a wide variety of services to meet all of your hard floor cleaning and maintenance needs. These services range from daily cleaning to preventative maintenance and restoration.

We offer

  • Regular carpet cleaning services
  • Removal of tough stains
  • Restoration of damaged carpets, including the elimination of odors and the renewal of the original appearance
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Carpet Cleaning

fresh clean carpets

Our carpet cleaning service is perfect for those looking to keep their carpets clean, fresh and stain-free—this service range from regular cleaning to tough stain removal and preventative maintenance.

We offer

  • glass cleaning
  • garbage emptying
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning, including Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming and Floor Finish Restoration
  • window cleaning
  • Cleaning of common areas, such as waiting rooms and break rooms, to ensure the comfort of your employees
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Retail Cleaning

cleaning and presentation

Our retail cleaning package can be tailored to fit any budget and cleaning needs, providing a cost-effective and customizable solution.

We offer

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, tables, desks, keyboards, and more
  • Elimination of viruses and bacteria with specialized cleaning products and approved disinfectants
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection of common areas, such as waiting rooms, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Disinfection services for businesses, including offices, stores, restaurants, hospitals, and more
  • Disinfection services for public spaces, such as schools, churches, sports facilities and more
  • Sanitizing services for homes, including apartments, houses, condos, and more
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Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services

Protection and cleaning

This is the perfect solution for those looking to protect themselves against the spread of disease and viruses in their homes, offices, and public spaces—this service range from regular cleaning to removing viruses and bacteria.

We offer

  • Regular and deep cleaning of common areas, such as corridors, stairs, lobbies and more
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Apartment and Building Cleaning

Trust and Professionalism

If you are the owner or manager of a building and you want to keep your properties in the best condition, we can help you with the complete cleaning and restoration of any dirt damage to all your facilities.

We offer

  • Complete and detailed cleaning of all rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, common areas and more
  • Cleaning Appliances, Such As Refrigerators, Ovens And Microwaves
  • Carpet, carpet and hard surface cleaning
  • Cleaning windows and sliding glass doors
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Airbnb/Rental Property Cleaning

cleaning and presentation

Help guarantee the satisfaction of your guests by keeping your rental properties in optimal conditions. We offer both regularly scheduled and deep cleaning services for temporary rental properties as well as rental apartments and homes.